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The Date London Premier at Battersea Arts Centre

‘While describing their feelings of doubt, uncertainty, upheaval and joy, Morgan and Johnston danced individually and together, expressing beautifully their taut and tangled emotions.  Clever lighting effects enhanced the ‘scientific’ input from Faith, explaining how hormones worked together to produce romantic feelings.  At times her zany character was outrageously ribald and rude, but always retreated back over any lines she overstepped to keep the pair – and the audience – on track.’


Audience Response


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Experiment for The Date
Vlogs of Experiment below.

So you have seen the Vlogs of each date, now check out a sneak preview of some rehearsal footage created during THE DATE experiment.

Date No. 4 VLOG – Primrose Hill Bowling and Beer.
Date No 3. VLOG – Nathan Cooks Maddy a meal.  Wine and discoveries…
DATE No.2 VLOG – Maddy and Nathan’ go to the flower market. Columbia Rd. On a crispy Sunday morning.
DATE NO.1 VLOG – IT has begun!

What a cool start to the project!!! Check out VLOG of Maddy and Nathans’ First Date.  Then Leave your comments at the bottom of the page.  We will use this in the studio as we create dancetheatre piece ‘THE DATE’.

Do you see what I see?

Tomorrow at twelve you will receive a text.

This text will tell you when and where you will be going on your first Date.

Please be on time and dress nicely.  Make sure you smell good too.

Please bring a gift for your date. (Do not buy anything, find something to give them)

Further instructions will be given on the Date.

Now get your beauty sleep.

After the 1st Date a Vlog will be uploaded,  This is your chance to be involved in this story.
Have your say! What would you like them too do on their next date.  What do you want to happen between them?
Have you got any tips on Dating etiquette?  Anything you would like to ask? Be Involved!
I will then use these comments and present them to Maddy and Nathan on their 2nd Date.

Rhiannon Faith: dancing theatre begins new work.

THE DATE… an experiment, a cafe setting,  a table used as a backdrop for
projected video through which parts of the narrative unfolds, and the
phenomema of Love in the present is tested.  Two dancers weave their way
through a non-linear story, blending text and physical contact work to an
emotive and current soundtrack, as a smutty commentator injects humour
and outrageous behaviour.


Maddy and Nathan are dancers within the company.  They have in
this time hooked up on various occasions.  They have a formidable chemistry
when they dance together.  They have never dated.
For 5 days at the same time each day Maddy and Nathan meet at an Eastend
cafe for a date.  They use their phones to film each other during each date.
They are also filmed by a commentator, who provides tasks, challenges and
activities.  After each date we take the footage to the studio and begin to
make work based on their embodied experiences.  We question the behavior
and seek to find moments where phenomana happens, where  feelings for
one another change and where human connection is exposed.

The findings and documented footage will be part of the final piece.

photography@ Benedetta Pomini

 They will have 5 dates and a diary of each 
date will be uploaded 
onto this site.  Please follow the 
interactive diary of The Date on this Website

We need you to get involved!! 

Offer your own point of view, thoughts, opinions, general comments, what tasks should they be set on their date? 
What do you want to find out about Maddy and Nathan?  Your Shout-outs and tasks will then be used in the next 
Date, which may then go on to be used in the the piece itself!

Let's make this Happen. 
 Be Part of this Story.
Rhiannon Faith

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