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It’s a show about friendship being a woman and asking for help.

Riding the rollercoaster of a moving and courageous real-life experiment, Rhiannon Faith and Maddy Morgan share their experiences after attending CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) sessions with the psychologist Joy Griffiths in order to learn more about themselves and maybe, just maybe, find a future free of fear. The transition in reality from Scary Shit, to recovery and healing, in a language of dance, theatre, comedy and therapy.

Scary Shit: Imagine a world without fear…

‘Bold, brave and moving’ Lyndsey Winship (Evening Standard)

‘You go in the silly door and come out profoundly moved’ Nicohlas Minns (Writing About Dance)

Presented with wit and poignancy’ Luke Jennings (Observer)

Scary Shit is supported by Arts Council England, RichMix, Proteus Creation Space, Arts Depot, The Garage and developed through the Open LAB scheme at Barbican/Guildhall.

By Rhiannon Faith and Maddy Morgan in collaboration with psychologist Joy Griffiths.

Photography by Roxanna Ross
Video by James Webber
Design by Alice Barbero




3 thoughts on “SCARY SHIT

  1. Hi Rhiannon
    I am a psychotherapist but was also a dancer (more info from my new website
    I read about your show ‘Scary Shit’ in the BACP journal Therapy Today.
    I also have a new blog, which can be found via my website. Take a look at the themes. To that end I was wondering if you and or Maddy would write an article for my blog. Unfortunately there is no fee payable for articles. Please let me know.
    Kind regards

    Terry Hyde

    1. Hi Terry lovely to hear from you. We would definitely be interested in writing something! We are in full rehearsal for our new show Smack That (a conversation) but will have some time towards the end of May?
      Rhiannon Faith

      1. Hi Rhiannon
        Apologies for the delayed response, I am new to social media so when you are ready please contact via email –
        If you haven’t done so already, please read the posts on my blog as this will give you an idea of the theme I am looking for. In my previous message I omitted the ‘www’ from my link . Here is the correct web address from which you can click on the link to my blog –

        Best wishes for your new show.


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