Edinburgh- Scary Shit Vs Marmite

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So my husband Merlyn loves Marmite, I can’t stand it.  Lots of people love our show Scary Shit, some can’t stand it.  We never really anticipated how audiences reactions would be so contrasting until yesterday, we received a 5 ★★★★★ lush review followed by another reviewer (yet to publish) thinking the the show was terrible (whoops!).  Within a day we had gone from a massive high to a massive, what the shit?  We were told this would happen, but It’s bloody interesting all the same.  Then when we were feeling a bit Meh(?) we were sent this by an audience member called William Foxton:

The Vagina Duologues
August 18, 2016

  ‘Little did I know when I stepped into the dingy bunker theatre at the Fringe Festival and saw two women dressed like extras in St Trinians that I was in for an hour of raw and outrageous comedy. Unlike other plays, scary shit has an immensely personal feel to it. Rhiannon Faith and Maddy Morgan introduced me to a new type of wacky comedy, designed specifically for the weird and wonderful. The show focused on two friends (Faith and Morgan) as they attend counselling to help overcome their respective fears. This play managed to shock, humour and make the audience think with its touching stories of sexual abuse and awkward interpretative dance. I even learned a few new phobias in the process.

It touched on several issues facing women today and managed to highlight the everyday sexism in our society without sounding condescending or making the audience feel like they were being lectured.

The physical theatre involved was bizarre yet powerful. One section featured Faith running into Morgan who was holding crash mats. I can only assume that this was meant to represent Faith tackling her fears head on, only to be repeatedly knocked down by life. I believe this particular theme truly spoke to the audience.

The friendship between Faith and Morgan was the bedrock of the play and showed me that anything can be overcome with the help from friends and that it is ok to ask for help when you need it.

So although this play was scary in some parts (in that I was worried for the actors mental health), it was certainly never shit.’

Edinburgh can be a wild mistress, but having audiences reach out to us, is pretty fucking cool and what it’s all about, right!?  Nice one William, thanks so much.

Ps. I do like Twiglets (my husband doesn’t understand how, he say’s they are basically marmite) I disagree.

Rhi Rhi x

Scary Shit at The Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker Two, 1.45pm – Book tickets




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