Massive Apologies for Cancelled Performance – Go to Ed Fringe… end up having a Head Scan #ScaryShit

So I am aware of the irony that I’m in a show called Scary Shit, then some Scary Shit actually happens…

My first ever run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and 4 shows down, I’m enjoying the show, me and partner in grime Maddy are feeling good, the show team at the pleasance are lush and my team are working their bums off to promote the show.  We are running around the city doing interviews, meeting amazing artists and making new friends.

I now find myself in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary waiting for results for a head scan.  It turns out repeatedly running into a crashmat headfirst, even with a helmet on, can make your body, back, neck and head hospitalpoorly.  We have done the show lots of times without any incidents, and so are all really sad that this has happened.  It is such a massive part of the show that represents trying to break down barriers to help a friend, but it seems quite insignificant, as I am sitting here hoping I haven’t hurt my little brain.

The results are good and it turns out I am a little concussed, but brain is fine.  We are making some small changes to the show, and finding ways to take risks and invest without hurting ourselves, and will be performing tomorrow at The Pleasance at 1.45pm.  We are really looking forward to getting back into the festival.  I am sincerely sorry for anyone who was disappointed or inconvenienced when the show was cancelled, please do come back and see us.

Rhiannon Faith x



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