Rhiannon Faith Receives ACE Funding for Scary Shit Tour

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Rhiannon Faith is delighted to announce a successful Arts Council bid for future tour of Scary Shit 2016-2017.  The grant was made possible due to the overwhelming support from their Kickstarter Backers and their ongoing relationships with supportive venues, The Garage, Richmix, Arts Depot, Openlab at the Barbican Colchester Arts Centre and Proteus Creation Space.

Rhiannon Faith and Maddy are super grateful and they can’t wait to take Scary Shit on the road. They will preview the work on 21st Nov at Arts Depot.  Book now as spaces are limited.  Keep looking out for future tour dates with guest speakers including (This Morning’s) Joy Griffiths, addressing CBT, Biomedical Sciences & Art and the importance of placing Well-being into the National Curriculum.

Special thanks go to their Kickstarter Angels: Daniel Collins, James Webber, Brenson Humphreys, Emily Andrews, Tony Burch, Gary Martin Rolinson, Giulia Buvoli, Hannah Summersfield, Tom Malone, Maureen Hankin, Ellie Wilcock, Rosie Franklin, Rosie Milsom, Jenny Langley-Hoole, Johnathan Wakeham, Kate Ulrick, Mark Robinson, Hannah Bruce, Toby Davies, Miriam Grant, David Orton, Max, Gudrun Vickery, Rachael Glynne, Rima Garsys, Katie Lau, Katie Harris, Anna Malone, Cleo, Sarah Holtam, Wendy Houstoun, Joy&Dave, Fran Symonds, Jodie Fink, Paul Burns, Paul Hankin, Erin Griffiths, Lucy Loveheart, Claire Summers, Ariadne, David O’Hara, David Andrew and Lisa Wright.

Many thanks to Joy Griffiths, Alice Barbero, Bryony Kimmings, Wendy Houstoun, Claire Soper, James Webber, Poppaea Bicknell, Roxanna Ross, Donald Hutera and Jih-Wen Yeh who have helped them get this far with a show they are really excited about.  Onwards for #ScaryShit




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