SCARY SHIT amongst other things is about asking for help

Hi Gang, Rhiannon Faith here.  In the run up to our final sharing of SCARY SHIT before we embark on a tour I just wanted to share a few bits and bobs with you.

There is lots going on. Me and Maddy are working well-ard.  We were selected by Openlab (supported by the Barbican/Guildhall) to perform a 20 min mash-up of Scary Shit last weekend.  It was at the end of a full week rehearsing and  getting the show ready and was ace to test stuff out. We have been in the studio with the formidable Bryony Kimmings (Award Winning Artist) who tells me when I’m waffling to much or dry-humping too long.  We also have the pleasure of working with Wendy Houstoun (Superstar) I literally nearly wet myself with excitement! Spoilt much!


photo by Paulo Coruzzi

The force that is Donald Hutera (Dance critic and performer, curator) invited us to Paradise On Earth: Give or Take an interactive performance full of encounters and exchange with a community of residents in a Sunken Garden.  It was delightful. We handed out giant sized marshmallows and performed bits from the show (Crashmat) Lucky I had my helmet on as we were on a concrete pavement!  There were so many lush artist’s there, we had a blast.

So we have a show this Saturday at Richmix 8pm.  We have been ruthless and decisive to create a show that really looks at the issues we are trying to tackle.  How do you ask for help?  Me and Maddy had to learn how to do this to try and tackle our anxieties and fears.  We realised it would be a lot easier if CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Mindfulness and Well-Being was embedded within the primary curriculum.  The science of the mind is surely as important as photosynthesis?We are on an adventure to see if we can help to make this happen with this show.  We are at the beginning of this journey and are contacting charities, placing coping strategies within the work, and becoming a lot more confident when we talk about how important it is.

Obviously Joy Griffiths (ITV Therapist) has been instrumental in this.  She makes everything so clear and relatable when talking about fears and feelings. Our 1:1 therapy sessions with Joy play a big part in the show.

photo 2

Maddy’s therapy session with Joy Grifiths captured by James Webber and Poppaea Bicknell Webber.

So now we are really good at asking for help here goes… The show is pretty much made, now we want to tour it to reach new audiences.  We have to raise money to make that happen, honestly even with ACE support you have to raise about 50% of the cost yourself.  If you can please donate to our Kickstarter (6 days left) and become a patron of our art, we would be made up.

You help by coming to watch our show.  So please book a ticket and we will see you this Saturday 8pm at Richmix, London. Book Ticket

Alice Barbero has made the most beautiful creations for our costumes.  We are so excited for you to see them!  See you on the other side!

Love and Anarchy

photo 4photo 5


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