Scary Shit is Sharing the Love


photography@Jayde Adams

Scary Shit is in Research and Development and we are testing out just how Scary it is.  Maddy and Rhiannon Faith have began their therapy with ITV celebrity counselor Joy Griffiths.  They will be spending a week at The Barbican, experimenting with movement and naughty words whilst determined to conquer their real-life fears (which are revealed in the show).  Rhiannon Faith joined a gang of non-poets (FRAFF) to test out some of her recent hypothesis to do with Fear, whilst Maddy has been working on her smile (or lack of) for our sharing this Friday at Back Door Banter.  Come and Join Us on Friday for  ‘A brilliantly physical set of mental ordeals’ Alice Saville -Exeunt (Scary Shit at Sprint Festival, Camden People’s Theatre March 2015)

Here’s a review of the last Scary Shit at Camden People’s Theatre

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