The Date – Review

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Review, The Date 25 MARCH 2015, Colchester Arts Centre:

‘Employing a dynamic fusion of dance, narrative, monologue, dialogue and cinematography,’ The Date’ explores what can happen when two people entertain the idea (albeit having being cajoled into it) of pursuing a shared ‘spark’.

What makes ‘The Date’ stand out from other productions is not that it is about true events or that the players are playing themselves but that the story is apparently still evolving and during the sixty minute production, it feels like we are witness to a small part of that evolution.

As such, there is real authenticity and rawness of emotion that makes the sad, funny, embarrassing and tender moments between the players more poignant. This feeling of poignancy is even more heightened by the manner in which the players draw the audience in with the use of various mediums and the theatre’s floor space.

The enduring impression of ‘The Date’ for me was that resonating feeling of how life can be just one big set of sliding doors and how the decisions we make at a certain moment in time can continue to reverberate and leave us wondering ‘what if?’

Angela Ike (Colchester Arts Centre)


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