‘Scary Shit’ Residency at Richmix to begin new work.


Come to our sharing and audience Q&A on Saturday 17th May @Richmix 7.30pm

Book tickets and event details here:


Rhiannon Faith:dancingtheatre returns with an outrageous, humorous and extremely physical dance/theatre piece which puts the human condition under a microscope.  From jumping out of planes to cotton wool phobias, this piece looks at human obstacles and how we can visit and challenge our fears.

This is an informal sharing of early ideas and will invite feedback from the audience through an open dialogue with Rhiannon Faith, her dancers and a psychologist.

The showcase will begin with a performance by University of Befordshire students:


Considered a fundamental importance to the human condition, this alternative dance/theatre piece explores notions of “happiness”, and how it might be attained.

Third Year Performing Arts Students of the University of Bedfordshire showcase new work created by artist director Rhiannon Faith.


Twitter: @RFOBDance

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