Whats On – The Date at Fairkytes Art Centre

East based company
Rhiannon Faith:dancingtheatre personally invites you to the premier of new work.www.rhiannonfaithdance.com‘Like Skins On Stage’
(Lyndsey Winship Time Out)

THE DATE by Rhiannon Faith:dancingtheatre

Rhiannon Faith:dancingtheatre



Friday November 1st 2013 7.30pm

at The Fairkytes Art Centre, RM11 1AX.

Maddy and Nathan are dancers. They have chemistry.

For 5 days they meet, starting at an Eastend Café. They are asked to explore and define their relationship.

Then they dance.

an experiment, a cafe setting, a table used as a backdrop for video through which parts of

the narrative unfolds, and the phenomema of Love in the present is tested. Two dancers

weave their way through a non-linear story, blending text and physical contact work to an

emotive and current soundtrack, as a smutty commentator injects humour and outrageous


Maddy and Nathan are dancers within the company.

They have in this time hooked up on various occasions.  They have a formidable chemistry

when they dance together.  They have never dated. For 5 days at the same time each day

Maddy and Nathan meet, starting at an Eastend cafe for a date.  They use their phones to

film each other during each date. They are also filmed by a commentator, who provides tasks,

challenges and activities. After each date we take the footage to the studio and begin to make

work based on their embodied experiences. We question the behaviour and seek to find

moments where phenomena happens, where feelings for one another change and where

human connection is exposed.

Please contact Company Producer Jih-Wen for further information on

touring: jihwen@googlemail.com

Recommended for 15 years + (unless accompanied by an adult)

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