Rhiannon Faith:dancingtheatre’ Wishes You A Happy 2013

We only work after the epiphany so are slightly behind on all the shout outs and merriment but anyway… Happy New Year!!

Exciting times for the company as we have only just hit January and there is super loads of things onthe to-do list.  What you can expect to see from the company this year:
Golden Bohemian returns in an underground venue in London.  Keep your ear to the ground for more information or visit http://www.goldenbohemian.com
‘The Date’ will be entering into research and development phase ready to hit some venues to show workin progress around March.  Will be premiered at Richmix in the Autumn.  We are very excited about this new work.
One Touch Of Venus – Rhiannon Faith has been commissioned to work with All Star Productions on their Kurt Weill musical OTOV.  She is thrilled to be working with such a creative fringe-theatre team.
Have a good one.

Rhiannon Faith:dancingtheatre


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