So Many Pretty Little Things

Sitting in a meeting hosted by Sky Arts, the deal is they want to give £30,000 to a number of artists who have something that will knock the socks out of the art scene. All genres welcome, any idea goes. I sat and literally smelt the desperation of 40+ artists, hanging of the words of these potential change makers. I one of them, and guilty of indulging in the free wine that at best 3 glasses down makes it possible to talk to the necessary Premium bodies, who may just get where your coming from before you start to regurgitate how cool your work is, hinting a renaisance, world domination e.t.c
This honestly is a special opportunity and fair play for recognising the need of some printed notes being injected into young artist, but man i sat with those clearly passionate, living on nothing artist, pretty little things, clouded by sadness, defeat and felt like giving a round of fucks to the government for not pulling their fingers out of their arses and making sure each of those 40+ artists are being supported to do, as a job, what they have been trained to do.
I’m a choreographer, if i could do something else, i would. Thats not an option.

Where’s the help?


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